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                                      COUNSELING AND SUPPORT MINISTRY

In the Philadelphia area, Marie works with individuals in spiritual direction and life coaching.
She also facilitates spiritual growth and support groups in the western main line (Valley Forge, Malvern, Phoenixville) and eastern main line (Narberth, Ardmore, Conshohocken) areas.  For those at a distance, she sets up appointments on the phone for half-hour or hour sessions.
During individual sessions  -- whether in person or on the phone --
and in the support groups she leads, Marie's emphasis is helping
others to discover their soul's leading by paying attention to the
truest desires of their hearts.  In that way, their energy is free to
move and contribute its gifts to the world while creating a personally
satisfying and joyous life.  She listens deeply, honoring each
person's process and helping him or her to find meaning and context.
As an ordained minister, Marie is also available for interfaith weddings and ceremonies that celebrate other life transitions.  In consultation with the people involved, she designs rituals that combine depth with whimsy, expressing their hopes and symbolizing their dreams. 

Comments About Marie's Work With Individuals and Groups

"Goodness, order and direction evolving from reflection and your thoughtful interpretations and gentle challenges have made this series significant to my being.  I received a wonderful sensation of the soulfulness in the world through your work.  I thank you for your energy and light, your kindness and your compassion.  Michael K., School Administrator

"Marie is very respectful of all traditions and views.  She has a unique way of facilitating group discussions so that no one is unheard and, conversely, no one dominates."Cheryl M., Corporate Executive

"What I find amazing about your teaching is how you are able to mix actual content with the personal experiences of yourself and others.  Know that your openness while leading groups is really a remarkable thing.  You are informative, warm, and funny."  Alexandria G., Activist

"You are talented in affirming a spiritual life, and I admire your constant study of that life.  Your strength is that you guide with your soul, which shines in your eyes.  Thanks for what you say and for always speaking with such compassion and kindness."  Margaret H., Health Professional                                                                                    
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