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    Marie Roberts is an engaging speaker on spirituality and related topics of personal growth such as stress management, intuition development, and possibility thinking.  She is an author, workshop/retreat facilitator, teacher of yoga and meditation, minister, and spiritual director.  Raised a Roman Catholic, she received one graduate degree from Fordham University in World Religions and Spirituality (studying with deep ecologist/theologian Thomas Berry) and another in Counseling Psychology.  After further study at Princeton Seminary, she was ordained as a Presbyterian minister in 1982.  During her career she has taught at every educational level, from elementary school through seminary, and after ordination served as University Chaplain at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey.  For 14 years after that she was associate pastor for a congregation in the suburban Philadelphia area.  She now understands herself to be a spiritual leader in the congregation-without-walls that is rapidly developing within and across today's faith communities.

    Rooted in both Roman Catholic and Protestant Christianity, awareness and education have taken her deeply into Jewish mysticism as well as the eastern practices of yoga and Buddhist meditation.  Her books and teachings are a bridge that can lead people to embrace the wisdom of other cultures while finding an enhanced appreciation of their own.   For those who seek understanding, healing, and growth, her underlying premise of body/mind/spirit integration is often pivotal.  Having lived through a difficult childhood, she is committed to reassuring others that life is not just about surviving but about thriving.  In order to make clear that this is the Divine intention for each and every one of us, her mission is to interpret the best of spirituality and psychology and take it out of the realm of academics so that it can be more "user-friendly."

    Those who read her writing or hear her speak marvel that she can capture and hold the attention of the wide audience while speaking personally to individual concerns. 

    This mission is reflected in the title of her first book, OUT OF YOUR MIND AND INTO YOUR HEART: USING LOVE ENERGY TO HEAL YOUR LIFE.   Written by a self-proclaimed "recovering intellectual," the book sets the heart chakra in the context of the world's spiritual traditions and offers techniques for accessing its energy so that each person can have a direct experience of the Love that is always with us.  A companion audio tape, "Into Your Heart," gives meditations, thoughts, exercises, and simple yoga stretches to enhance the message. The same soothing voice can be found on her other audio tapes.  "How to Meditate" is both a primer for beginners and a reminder for the experienced, offering several different types of practice so that everyone can find his or her own particular style.  "Gentle Yoga" is another tape that begins each of two half-hour practices with meditation, follows with a set of easy-to- follow directions for physical movement, and culminates in a session of guided imagery and relaxation that invites integration and total well-being.  Her second book, LIFE LESSONS AND SOUL SKILLS: LEARNING FROM YOUR MISTAKES THE FIRST TIME AROUND has just been released (see Books).  It teaches people how to confront their self-destructive tendencies as they arise in order to make life itself the ultimate spiritual practice. 

    Lest this all sound too serious, Marie dances lightly on the planet and finds joy in many kinds of movement, from ballroom and swing to contra, folk, and freestyle.

    She enjoys comedy, dramatic theater, and old musical revivals.  Her two children: Amy, who has a degree in elementary education, and Seth, who is in high school have taught her more about love, laughter, and healing, than any book.   
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