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                                                    USING LOVE ENERGY TO HEAL YOUR LIFE

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                                                 How This Book Came To Be

     In 1999 Marie left her position as a parish pastor in order to follow an inner leading.  With just a few retreats and yoga classes scheduled and several individuals seeing her for spiritual direction, it was a step taken in faith.  Writing was not in her plans, but through a series of personal encounters and a significant dream, she understood that she was supposed to write a book about her own journey from head to heart in a way that would be helpful to others.  Within nine months of putting pen to paper, the manuscript was accepted by a small well-respected publisher in California, The Crossing Press. 

    Release was scheduled for October of 2001, and she was already selling advance copies of the book when everything changed that September. The book was moved to the spring list; but, in the interim, publisher Elaine Gill began negotiations to sell the company.  The publishing world had been undergoing upheaval for years in order to keep up with the ever-evolving technology of communication, and Elaine in her mid-seventies was ready to let go of the frustrations and begin some new ventures.  For a time it looked as if the new publishing house would release the book relatively quickly, but the months dragged on and nothing happened.  Despite warm words of encouragement from the new publisher about both the quality of the writing and the importance of the content, there was little impetus in the ailing industry to spend money on one who was not already nationally known.  It was at this point, following a talk with Elaine about the old publishing world needing to adjust to the information age and her counsel to make good use of new technology, that Marie decided to exercise her right to take back her contract and advertise the book on her own website.  The validation of the initial contract with Crossing Press, the mentoring of Elaine Gill, and praise by those who have read the book made this decision easy.  So many people were buying  multiple copies and asking about the next book that it felt absolutely right to free the energy of the work and release it into the universe. 


    The opening sentence of the book says it all:  "As one who lived in her head for the first 40 years or so of her life, gratitude for my own transformation leads me to accompany you on this journey to the heartland.  It is easier to be me now, and perhaps you are wondering how it can be easier to be you."  The body is one whole energy system with the heart at the center registering balance or imbalance, and you needn't ever have heard the word chakra (Sanskrit for "wheel of energy") to understand the truth of that. In fact, all the spiritual traditions of the world have said it in one way or another.  I make this wisdom accessible to you and then go on to present practical meditations, physical movements, and attitude adjustments that help you learn to stop living from the neck up or, on the other hand, from self-destructive gut reactions.  It is easy to know when your heart chakra is active and your system is balanced.

     When that happens you'll experience a softening and opening around that area of your body, and  it's very possible to cultivate this.  As a  self-proclaimed "recovering intellectual," I understand what it's like to move from imbalance toward balance--from analyzing my life to actually experiencing it.  Let me tell you, this way feels a lot better and helps me to be much more creative and productive.  And my 25 years of ministry mean I've learned to recognize the symptoms of imbalance in others and help them work toward healing.

                                                    OUT OF YOUR MIND AND INTO YOUR HEART
Richard C. Miller, clinical psychologist and co-founder of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, in the book's "Forward":              

Bhagavan Das, spiritual teacher and author of "It's Here Now, Are You?":

Claudia Naila Schulte, Ed.D.                         

Review In "Progressive Health", Winter 2003

"Her book is an invitation for us to come into contact with that within us which is most intimately playful and loving.  Marie shows us that love will never be found in the past or the future, which is the mind.  Love is alive only in this present moment."
"It is a practical guide to moving past fear and loneliness to a place of love and connection This beautifully written book offers a much-needed antidote to the isolation and addictive behavior of our time."

"What is real spiritual power?   For those who answer "Love," Marie Roberts' indispensable book shows how we can melt that innermost Heart from which divine Love flows.  Her words fall like rain on those of us who thirst to connect with our own deepest natures and the rest of creation. Their truth is so undeniable, direct, and instantly recognizable that even several of my barely-literate high school ESL students run to grab a copy off the shelf as soon as they enter the room!  The world needs this book, and badly.  It can teach us how to redirect ourselves from our mind-driven ways that lead us nowhere toward wisdom, connection, and Love."

"This short gem of a book is a worthwhile read for everyone who has experienced a difficult or painful relationship; likely, that is each of us."

Into Your Heart: Meditations, Teachings, and Yoga to Open the Heart Chakra
                     A 60-minute audiocassette companion to the book OUT OF YOUR MIND
                              $15 includes shipping;
                     purchase book and tape together for
                              $29 to include shipping.

Gentle Yoga
                    A 60-minute audiocassette contains two separate half-hour practices of
                    stretches, each beginning with breathwork and meditation and ending with
                    guided imagery for relaxation and total well-being.  Instructions are clear and
                    easy to follow.
                             $15 includes shipping

How to Meditate
                   A 60-minute audiocassette contains basic instructions and practice in breathing
                   and mindfulness as well as guidance in various types of meditation so each person                        can find a suitable style.  It ends with a session of guided imagery to facilitate
                   relaxation, healing, and well-being.
                            $15 includes shipping

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From the back cover:

"This book takes you on a pilgrimage to the Divine Heart. It is a practical guide to moving past fear and loneliness to a place of love and connection. Marie Roberts draws from the wisdom of the ages in this beautifully written book and offers a much-needed antidote to the isolation and addictive behavior of our time."
Bhagavan Das
Spiritual teacher, and author of It's Here Now, Are You?

As a "recovering intellectual," Marie Roberts offers hope to others who perceive life through the intellect and feel disconnected from their souls. Drawing upon her personal journey, as well as Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, and yoga, she presents exercises that will help you reconnect with your feelings, live from your heart, and heal your life.

Marie Roberts, an ordained Presbyterian minister, is a teacher of yoga and meditation and facilitates workshops with an emphasis on mind/body/spirit integration. She lives near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
                                          Click here for Table of Contents

FOREWORD By Richard C. Miller, Ph.D.                            9
INTRODUCTION    Confessions of a Recovering Intellectual     17
CHAPTER 1             We Want Love, but Where Is It
                                       and How Do We Get It?                     23
CHAPTER 2              The Heart: The Window of the Soul          39
CHAPTER 3              Embodying Love with Yoga, Body
                               Awareness, and Energy Balancing        57
CHAPTER 4              Meditation Practices for the
                                       Devotionally Challenged                      77
CHAPTER 5              Looking for Love in All the Right Places  105
CHAPTER 6              Choosing from Clarity                             125
CHAPTER 7              The New Creation                                  143

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                                                    USING LOVE ENERGY TO HEAL YOUR LIFE

                       LEARNING FROM YOUR MISTAKES THE FIRST TIME AROUND                                                   
                         Excerpts From the Introduction

    In my twenty-five years as a minister, guide, and teacher, I’ve sat with many people as they named their hurts.  I’ve cried with them about those they’ve wronged and about those who’ve wronged them, but what saddens me most is when they’re stuck.  What they’re thinking or doing isn’t working, but they seem unable to think or do anything else.
    These pages are an invitation to make life itself your spiritual practice.  That’s why there’s a soul skill practice exercise at the end of each chapter.  Your everyday activities serve to hinder or encourage the healing of yourself and your world, whether you know it or not. You’re either cooperating with the soul’s wisdom or ignoring it. You’re either allowing its energy to flow or you’re blocking it. 
    You can move out of your own way and into fulfillment.  Do you think that’s impossible?  Negative behaviors and attitudes may be so ingrained that they seem unchangeable, but they’re not.  They show us what doesn’t work so we can then choose what does.  It’s not easy but it’s possible, and life as a whole actually becomes easier once you begin to attune your vibration to spirit’s frequency.

                      About LIFE LESSONS AND SOUL SKILLS
     Do you want to make positive changes in your life but sometimes feel baffled by how to do it?  Is someone you love stuck in a destructive pattern of behavior despite all your encouragement and advice?   Here’s some frank talk about how to see your life differently and prepare the way for the spiritual healing that can occur in an instant…rather like the
“overnight success” of a celebrity who worked years to get there.  We CAN reframe our everyday experiences and rework our assumptions about life so that new possibilities become available.  We CAN prime ourselves to take advantage of these opportunities as they present themselves.  Written in a conversational style, this book uses stories and personal examples to shed light on important issues such as self-worth, purpose, abundance, body image, and serenity as they impact real-life choices.  A soul skill exercise at the end of each chapter helps you discover and develop techniques for transforming specific areas of your life.  An old adage says we should work as if everything depended on us and pray as if everything depended on God. 

LEARNING FROM YOUR MISTAKES THE FIRST TIME AROUND, we’re taught to see mistakes as part of the work we do to prepare ourselves for the gifts that want to come to us.  And we don’t have to make the same mistakes over and over again.  We can choose to stay conscious, learn our lessons, and embrace the grace that is always waiting to find us.

                                                                                            Click here for Table of Contents

         $20 Including Shipping

     Life is your spiritual practice                                                            9

     Letting Crisis Be Your Favorite Teacher                                        15

     Hiding Your Light Under Bushels Of Self-Doubt                           28

     Holding A Grudge Against That Old-Time Religion                       43

     Confusing Love With What Isn't                                    59

     Making Money The Problem, The Solution, Or The Enemy   73

     Thinking You're The Only One Who Doesn’t "Get It"                   85

     Floating Above Your Own Life                                           100

     Getting Stupid Instead Of .Spiritual                                             114

      Taking Your Eyes Off The Road                                               127

Forgetting That You Are Never A Mistake                               140

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